Brooks PureFlow 3

I'm due for some new running shoes and in their timely way, Brooks have released the latest version of my preferred road shoe just as the last ones are wearing out. Handy, that.


After a quick lunchtime trip to the closest Runners Need and a slightly lighter wallet (but thanks to my club membership, not as much as it could have been), I'm now sporting the latest PureFlow 3. It seems that you never get a choice of styles in a real store - they always seem to only stock one colour of any given shoe - but I like the understated black with silver detailing of the ones I've ended up with. When they reach the end of their running life they'll become my next pair of work shoes, unlike the bright orange PureFlow 2 that they're replacing.

So far I've only had a brief wander around in them but immediately I can feel they're springier. Perhaps that's not surprising since I've put over 400km on my previous pair and the shoe isn't really designed for a long life.

Looking forward to the first run.